Simply Selfish

The new world immigration system is somewhat alien and disturbing in my view. Watching futuristic movies back in the 90’s when I was a kid of segregated, highly monitored and tagged individuals doesn’t seem too far fetched now that it’s happening slowly and surely.

As the richer economies are tightening their borders and entry/immigration requirements, it is not all black and white. Rights of people are determined by race, ascendance, and pseudo articulated barriers engineered by the guardians and law makers of the country.

Countries like the US, Canada and Australia are built upon conquest, near genocide and occupation. The subsequent controlling of borders to control further immigrants is hypocritical at best. Then there are dual standards. Countries such as Ireland owing to the proximity to Europe and being an English speaking country and sharing commonality with Britain bestow upon themselves higher class than say eastern European countries.

It is ironic that a country such as Ireland has strict immigration laws and requirements when the Irish themselves can easily travel to most countries in the world without visas and subsequently become illegals there. When such a situation arises in Ireland the quick response is to quickly amend the status of the country’s citizens’ rights to entry. Such is the case of Mauritian nationals. More info here 1, 2.

If protection of national borders and national identity were the prime motives then not much can be argued by this soul, even though in a century or so such primitive notions will be looked on as sad, unfortunate oddities. However, it is blatantly hypocritical that Irish illegals in the US are been asked for clemency by the Irish government when it is doggedly trying to remove immigrants from Ireland, illegal or not. In terms of Irish, it seems highly unfair doesn’t it? Although a barrage of opinions pointing to the contrary exists when it comes to Ireland’s national plight. In this instance it’s not so much illegal, it’s people just seeking loopholes. Whether or not they have ulterior motives to just being with a another human being, everyone is branded guilty by default. On one hand Irish citizens are deemed to be unerring when they break the law of another country and stay illegally and they should be granted pardon and allowed to work and live normally, but when it comes to immigrants in Ireland no leeway should be allowed.

In the present world of varying standards, it is better to be Irish, even when you’re breaking laws somewhere else that in your own country is just incorrigible. It’s a world of politics designed to be used as and when it suits their own.

The one thing that these countries forget is their histories, where they came from and what they’ve been through. As soon as times are good all are forgotten, the hardships, the lessons learned, maybe even empathy to present day immigrants who are looking for a better life.Another thing is that history repeats itself. Nothing is unlikely and in the situation circumstances are reversed I wonder how the more privileged side would fare.

In the end we are all human. What that means at present is very little.

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